Pregnancy FAQs

“My parents will kill me if they find out. They’ll kick me out of the house.”

Your parents may be upset and disappointed. After the initial shock, parents usually come to terms with the situation and even become supportive. New Path can give you guidance as to how to break the news to your parents.

“I'm not ready to be a mother. A baby doesn't fit into my plans right now.”

When you become pregnant, you also become a mother and are responsible for the child growing inside you. There are numerous resources available to help you be the best parent you can be. Adoption is also a loving choice for you and your child.

“It's not even a baby yet.”

The baby is very much alive. Your baby’s heart begins to beat at three weeks. By eight weeks, brain waves can be detected. By twelve weeks, the baby can silently cry and even suck his thumb.

“I can't afford a baby. I don't have medical insurance. I want to finish school.”

Raising a baby takes planning and help from others. New Path offers help with maternity and baby clothes. Baby supplies are available at no cost to you through our incentive program, Earn While You Learn. Excellent prenatal health care assistance is also available, and New Path will provide referrals for community programs designed to help you and your child. You may also be covered under your parent's insurance.

Although it may be more difficult to continue your education, many women do graduate and find good jobs while caring for their children. Organizations like the Nurturing Network (1-800-TNN-4MOM) exist to help students and aspiring professional women complete their goals while facing an unplanned pregnancy. Ask the New Path staff for other community assistance programs.

“The doctor said something may be wrong with the baby.”

Sometimes tests are wrong and the child is completely healthy. Prenatal tests and assessments may also not provide complete information about the level of the problem. Children with special needs deserve a chance at life, as well as a chance to love and be loved.

Adapted from M. Terwilliger, "Some Reasons to Decide" (Pregnancy: Teen Decisions)


Explore Your Options.
Take your time.
Talk to someone you can trust—like the caring people at New Path. The staff and volunteers at New Path are available to listen and provide encouragement and practical help. They will not judge you or pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.

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