About New Path

New Path Pregnancy Resource Center has a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who are committed to sharing God’s love, accurate information, and support to young women and men regarding decisions about pregnancy, sexual integrity, parenting, and post-abortion recovery.

At New Path, you will receive accurate, factual information and practical support at no charge.

Since 1992, we have served thousands of women and their families find the help they needed. Our center is affiliated with and meets the required standards of the national recognized organization, Care Net.

New Path is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization dedicated to helping women and their families find solutions to unplanned pregnancies. New Path does not perform nor refer for abortion or abortifacients, but offers life-affirming alternatives and information about abortion risks and procedures.

All our services are confidential and you will receive accurate information and practical support at no charge.

Marysville Office

805 West 6th Street
Marysville, Ohio 43040
(937) 642-5683
Monday-Friday: 1-5pm

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      Bellefontaine Office

      709 North Main Street
      Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311
      (937) 592-7734
      Tuesday–Thursday: 10–1 & 2–5, Friday: 10–12:30

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      Richwood Office

      5 South Clinton Street
      Richwood, Ohio 43344
      (740) 513-3411
      Tuesday & Wednesday: 1:30-5:30pm

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        Important Disclaimer:

        This website is not intended as a substitute for professional legal, medical, or counseling advice from a competent attorney, medical practitioner, or professional counselor. Additionally, the referral agencies listed in this website are intended solely for your information and convenience. None of the agencies are affiliated with New Path and no express or implied warranty is made concerning the quality of services or goods offered by them. You are therefore cautioned to conduct your own investigation as to the fitness of any such agency and of any services or goods offered by them.

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