• Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts
  • Guilt/shame - trying to bury the truth
  • Emotional numbness - withdrawing
  • Participating in high risk behaviors (alcohol/drug abuse, eating disorders, promiscuity)
  • Avoiding baby reminders or failing to bond with subsequent children
  • Feeling all alone and helpless
  • Trying to be "supermom"
  • Nightmares, fears, inability to make decisions
If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, please know you are not alone. 
We care and are here to help. Please contact us today for free and confidential assistance.
  • How have you changed since your abortion?
  • Do you struggle in relationships?
  • Do you fight to keep your emotions (anger, fear, grief) under control?
  • Do you hide your abortion or your feelings about it?
  • If someone you knew was considering abortion, what would you tell her now about your experience?
  • Did someone pressure you to have the abortion?
  • Are you fighting a deep sense of sadness and sorrow?
  • Has your relationship with God changed?

Self Assessment: How do I know I need help?

Symptoms of Post Abortion Stress include:

Many women (and men) experience strong emotional effects after an abortion.

They may have feelings of sadness, grief, guilt, or loss. These can show up weeks, months, or even years after an abortion. This is called Post-Abortion Stress (PAS).

Has Abortion Hurt You?

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