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For Men

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An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling surprised, scared, and trapped. As a
man, you may feel like you don’t want to deal with this decision. But, this is the time to decide to take responsibility, speak up, and embrace becoming a father. It is your responsibility to be involved in the decision. For her, it could be a hard and painful choice but it is your responsibility to speak up and be involved in the decision. She needs to know you support her and will be there for her and for your unborn baby.

We can help you know the facts about pregnancy and the baby’s development so that
you can choose your best future. We can help you dedicate yourself to supporting her and becoming the best dad you can be.

Will you step up and be involved in her choice?
Will you choose to become the man you were meant to be?
Will you become her and your child’s hero?*

Boyfriend/Father Resources:

Post-Abortion Issues For Men:

Post-Abortion Stress is commonly experienced by men who have fathered children who were aborted. Through denial, some men block the natural process of grieving and dealing with the death of their unborn children. They may deny their responsibility for the abortion, and in so doing block the natural recovery process that must take place before healing can occur.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress caused by Abortion:

- Instability in relationships with women
- Anger, rage, and often abusive behavior
- Inability to bond with children and/or your mate
- Sleeplessness,  nightmares
- Addictions (for example pornography)
- Sexual dysfunctions
- Lack of confidence or unexplainable anxieties
- Depression, fear of failure or fear of rejection
- Loneliness and numbness
- Sense of loss
- Control issues

Why do Men need Help?

It is always healthy for men who have been affected by an abortion to grieve for the loss of their child and find closure and healing from their past. Forgiveness and healing are available. You can experience restoration and strengthening in their true marital and parental identities. Millions of men have lost a child by abortion. The connection between the abortion and your pain is real. You know it better than anyone. It is possible for men to be released from the harmful consequences of a past abortion. You can leave behind the old, crippling habits of abandoning and disappointing others. **

Contact the New Path Pregnancy Resource Center

We’re here to help. We can provide a free pregnancy test to find out if she is indeed pregnant. We can also help you as you deal with the responsibilities you are now facing. We have three centers—in Bellefontaine, Marysville and Richwood, Ohio—where both of you can obtain free, confidential help. 
Call us at 937-642-5683 for an appointment.

*Info on this page from “Before She Decides” and “Post Abortion Stress in Men,” both from CareNet.